About Us

Integrity Land Services LLC and other companies
Mr. Robert X. Monahan has owned have insured over 50,000 titles
and covered all counties in the State of New York.

ILS is a full service title insurance agency covering all sixty-two (62) Counties in New York State

Integrity Land Services LLC is an agent for:

Through our three (3) National Title Underwriters we stay up to date as to all information in the industry.

We are able to co-insure large transactions through our underwriters affording you, the customer, the security you need.

Integrity Land Services LLC is a member of:

ILS, LLC Departments and Representatives:

  • Customer Service
    Cheryl M. Becker/ Kristyne K. McPhee
  • Legal Department and Clearance
    Robert X. Monahan, President
  • Policies
    Cheryl M. Becker/ Kristyne K. McPhee