Integrity Land Services is a very special kind of title company. Their competent and experienced office can handle the biggest deals I get, without a hitch. I also can speak to anyone there to help me on the most minute aspect of my deals. Robert Monahan offers thirty plus years of experience, which I rely on more than I care to admit! I really see their value when I deal with other title companies. Inevitably, my staff has to call and look for documents, reports etc. With Integrity, you never have to ask for anything. It is there in your file the day before you think about it! Making my life easier, making me look more professional, giving me timely professional reports when I want them: these are some of the main reasons I will always use Integrity Land Services.
Joseph Scutieri

Integrity Land Services, specifically, Robert Monahan, and his staff of competent professionals, provide that rare combination of personable, reliable, and prompt service that other competent real estate professionals rely upon. When it comes to going the extra mile to close that judgment, to sign that affidavit, to explain a particular issue, or to get an issue resolved, Robert Monahan and ILS are there, always, and without question. I personally rely on ILS to make my firm look better, which they invariably do because in 30 years of experience and more than 50,000 titles written, they have developed the integrity to know what’s done right.
Peter Klose, Klose and Associates, NY

I have been utilizing the services of Integrity Land Services LLC and Robert X. Monahan for close to 20 years on a regular basis for real estate and title transactions.

Depending upon circumstances from time to time I place orders with a number of different companies, all of which render a high level of service, but none of them do a better job than Bob Monahan and Integrity Land Services LLC.

Integrity and Bob Monahan provide a high level of service and cover the entire state of New York. This is especially important to local attorneys should they have an occasional transaction outside the usual geographic boundaries of their practice where they may not be as familiar with local practice and rules.